Gary Schneider, P.E.
Vice President

Gary Schneider has over 46 years of experience in the marine engineering industry, including planning, design, construction management, and project administration. He has worked on a large and diverse number of intricate civil port and waterfront engineering projects. Mr. Schneider has supervised planning and design for major cruise pier projects in Grand Turk, the Dominican Republic, Cozumel, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additionally, he directed the design and engineering of the largest and most innovative shipping container facility in the United States. His ingenuity extends from initial planning to project completion.

Mr. Schneider spearheaded planning and design for the Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida, and worked for three years as lead consultant engineer for Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, over a seven-year period, he added value as the lead consultant engineer for the Port of Tampa and the chief engineer for projects at the Port of Pensacola, Port of St. Petersburg, Port Manatee, Port of Miami, Port of Houston, The West Indian Company in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands Port Authority, Aruba Ports Authority , St. Lucia Port Authority, and numerous other projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. As Vice President of Schneider Engineering & Consulting, his extensive skills and industry-knowledge have played a crucial role in the success of our management team and in Schneider Engineering & Consulting as a whole.

Brian Tanberg, P.E.
Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Tanberg has over 33 years of broad-based global experience in Marine and Civil Engineering. His responsibilities have included developing and maintaining client relationships, supporting and leading business pursuits, and executing successful design projects. Mr. Tanberg has led, designed and participated in a very diverse number of projects involving infrastructure development for deep-water seaports, including rehabilitation and construction supervision for marine structures, roadway/rail/site developments, port security, resort developments, marine terminals, utilities, permitting and cruise terminal facilities.

Mr. Tanberg has experience in the delivery of projects utilizing traditional design-bid-build, Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Design-Build (D-B), Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and joint venture contracting.

Karen Somerder
Karen Somerder
Senior Civil Engineer

Karen Somerder has more than 29 years of experience as engineer of record and project manager for many projects including port/marine design civil/site design, site development, industrial railroad design, and roadway design. Her experience includes managing on-call/engineering task order driven contracts at various ports in the United States. On a more detailed level, Karen’s experience includes developing project scopes, fees, schedules, and budgets along with developing the technical pieces of projects including, reports, construction plans, estimates, and contract documents. Her strengths include interacting with clients, subconsultants, and the project team to deliver quality products.

Her experience includes an extensive mixture of project types including roadway, site development, rail, permitting, and utility designs.

Stephen Swingle, P.W.S.
Senior Environmental Scientist

Stephen Swingle has 41 years of experience in aquatic and terrestrial ecology, development of impact assessments for waterfront projects, and environmental resource assessment. His professional experience includes developing innovative solutions to minimize environmental impacts from projects such as large-scale dredging. Additionally, he has worked on water and sediment quality studies, endangered/threatened species survey and relocation, and environmental permit and consent order negotiations. As senior environmental scientist at Schneider Engineering & Consulting, Mr. Swingle has also guided permitting, monitoring, resource characterization, and mitigation design for a large range of marine and freshwater projects.

Mr. Swingle specializes in natural resource assessment and management, environmental assessment and permitting, and public education and involvement. Some areas where he excels are fisheries, salt marshes, seagrass ecosystems, mangroves, and reef ecology. Mr. Swingle’s many accomplishments and qualifications, as well as his commitment to the best environmental practices make him the best fit for our management team.