Port Everglades Southport
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Location: Port Everglades, Florida

The Southport Turning Notch Expansion and Crane Rail Improvements are part of Port Everglades’ multiyear expansion project. To facilitate the approximate 1,500 foot extension of the existing Southport Turning Notch, Schneider Engineering & Consulting provided the engineering design services for the Temporary Separation Wall. The Temporary Separation Wall serves as a manatee and turbidity barrier between the waters of the existing Turning Notch and the excavation of 3 million cubic yards of material within the footprint of the Turning Notch Expansion. The Temporary Separation Wall will be removed from the Turning Notch after the excavation and installation of new permanent bulkhead is installed around the Expansion.

The Temporary Separation Wall is a cantilever combination wall, comprised of steel wide flange king piles with steel sheet piles in between. The combination wall is located in the water of the existing Turning Notch with approximately 46 feet of water on both sides. The wall extends across the approximate 825 foot width of the existing Turning Notch. The wall is designed for a water elevation differential of 2.75 feet simultaneously with 3-second winds of 113 miles per hour (both acting in the same direction).