NASA Causeway Bridge Replacement
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Florida Department of Transportation hired Orion Marine Group (OMG) to construct two high-level fixed bridges over the Indian River. The existing bascule bridge, built in 1964, has many bridge deficiencies and the FDOT requires the bridge be replaced for safe and efficient movement of freight and launch materials. The bridge is a critical thoroughfare for essential mission hardware and will be the key corridor for commercial spaceflights for SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Orion Marine Group hired Schneider Engineering & Consulting (SEC) to design alternate Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) phases to allow OMG to set spans 1 to 5 with a single 2250 crane from land thereby reducing the construction duration and allowing for a safer construction work zone.

SEC developed two additional MOT phases and revised a key phase relating to the construction of the eastbound bridge structure. The design called for additional temporary pavement and a lane shift for both eastbound and westbound traffic such that all four existing lanes can remain open during the construction of the new eastbound bridge span. SEC staff provided the design and signed and sealed plans for review and approval by the original engineer of record, NASA, and FDOT.