Grand Bahama Shipyard North Beach
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In 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused damages to the North Beach and East Beach shoreside structures at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport. Grand Bahama Shipyard Ltd. (GBSL) retained Schneider Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (SEC) to perform an inspection of the north beach and east beach areas, including general erosion, and propose mitigation/repair concepts for the damage.


SEC’s professional engineers visually inspected the structures and prepared a letter report detailing the damage assessment, the effects of these damages on existing structures, and engineered methods of repair required to restore the facility to a safe and sound operational state.  SEC delivered a Letter Report detailing the findings and the proposed mitigation strategies.


The North Beach and East Beach areas are critical to GBSL’s ship repair operations.  The North Beach berth includes crane runways and utility trenches at the waterfront. East Beach is utilized for barge mooring.  There was extensive erosion along the waterfront with large portions of the rip rap armor stone lost.


SEC completed the inspection and report within 1 month of the notice to proceed. The client was able to make the recommended repairs in a timely manner allowing the shipyard to reopen for business.