Above and Below Water Inspection
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Location: Taft, Louisiana

In 2018, OxyChem hired Schneider Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (SEC) to perform a topside inspection, and Level 1 & Level II underwater inspections of the dock and associated structures, to determine if acquisition of the facility was feasible.  The facility was constructed in 1964 and is located on the Mississippi River.

SEC’s professional engineers performed a detailed visual above water inspection of the various structures in accordance with American Society of Civil Engineers inspection standards. SEC’s engineers inspected the main pier, barge slip mooring bollards, fender systems, access trestle, and structural support members. The inspections were performed from land as well as from dive boats.

SEC professional engineers also provided guidance to the divers while they performed the underwater Level 1 & Level II inspections. Critical/severe deficiencies were immediately reported to the SEC engineer for further instruction.

A final written report that cataloged and summarized the findings was submitted to OxyChem. The report included recommendations for damage mitigation and an Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC) for the repairs.

OxyChem was extremely satisfied with the thoroughness of the report with the estimated repair costs, and the quick turnaround – the SEC inspection team completed the entire above and below water inspection and the report within 1 month.