Core ValuesThe guiding beliefs and core values of Schneider Engineering & Consulting are quality, safety, and production, with a strong foundation built on integrity.

SEC management and our employees:

  • Take pride in our workmanship
  • Ensure every task is performed properly and correctly the first time
  • Continually improve upon everything we do, every day
  • Act responsibly and are accountable for our personal safety, that of our co-workers, and others with whom we come in contact
  • Adhere to our clients’ safety programs and protocols at all times
  • Perform assigned tasks in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner possible
  • Safeguard the assets and facilities of our company
  • Always act in the best interest of our company
  • Know integrity is the foundation of our success and commitment to quality, safety, and production
  • View integrity as our ability to be honest, ethical, sincere, and forthright with others
  • Use integrity as the foundation for everything we do
  • Honor our commitments fully