Civil ServiceSchneider Engineering & Consulting engineers have performed a wide variety of designs including heavy duty container terminal pavements, general civil, roadway and rail engineering services for many of our port, private, and marine clients. SEC’s staff includes highly skilled engineers with extensive experience not only in civil projects, but in civil projects in port environments. We also have a vast amount of experience in container yard layout, roadway and parking lot designs, fire and potable water systems, security fencing and gates, maintenance of traffic, procurement, bidding and construction support services, and cruise facilities.

In addition to detailed civil engineering design capabilities, our in-house engineers also provide program and project management and cost estimating services. At SEC, we pride ourselves on our project/program management capabilities and our ability to effectively control the cost of a project. SEC believes that one of the most important capabilities that a design team brings to a client is our ability to consistently design projects, which meet functional needs and can be built within the budgetary constraints. We have managed multi-million dollar on-call engineering programs and contracts for several Port’s throughout the United States territories. With our experience in Design/Build projects and our parent company, Orion’s, construction knowledge, we understand how to provide sound cost estimates and work effectively with our clients to manage the development of each project’s costs.

B214 Upland

Site Design

Schneider Engineering & Consulting provides site design and associated permitting services. We collaborate with our clients to provide pavement design, grading, construction phasing, potable water and fire water design along with various other upland/site design elements. Our in-house Computer-Aided-Design(CAD) experts provide construction drawings for permitting and final bid documents SEC focuses on developing clear and concise bid drawings and technical specifications for use in advertising the project to potential bidders.


Railroad Design

Rail is essential to transportation and Port’s industries SEC provides industrial rail design and permitting services for ports and private companies. We collaborate with railroad operators and engineering staff to develop a design that meets our clients needs and satisfies the rail owners requirements. SEC’s experience covers the following key areas of expertise in the industrial rail sector.

Container yard 2

Container Yards

SEC is a leading engineering firm in the maritime industry. We offer a complete range of commercial and industrial port services, from planning through inspections design and construction supervision. SEC engineers have provided design and construction services for commercial ports, private companies, and other governmental agencies in the container business. Our experience covers the following key areas of expertise in the container yard sector.



SEC provides both urban and rural roadway design for transportation departments and ports throughout the United States and internationally. Our civil engineering staff has the experience and capability to provide a full range of roadway design services including; new rigid and flexible pavement design, roadway resurfacing, maintenance of traffic, signing and marking, utility coordination and adjustments, and fire and potable water design. SEC’s experience covers the following key areas of expertise in the roadway design sector.