Schneider Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Marine, Civil, Environmental & Specialty Services

Heavy Marine EngineeringAt Schneider Engineering & Consulting, Inc., we are a leading marine and civil engineering company that specializes in planning, permitting, and designing marine structures and infrastructure for a wide range of applications. We provide a full spectrum of services for private marine terminals, port authorities, marine contractors, and other engineering firms for the best construction outcomes. As an authority on engineering, and constructing marine structures, and civil engineering our clients include cruise lines, petroleum companies, and the U.S. Navy.

Our principals and senior staff boast over 100 years of experience as “Engineers of Record” for major design build marine construction projects, including the Grand Turk Cruise Pier, the U.S. Navy’s Electromagnetic Roll Facility, and one of the largest private container terminals in the southeastern United States. We are a top multi-service provider of marine civil engineering with vast experience in design, consulting, and environmental services.

Our dedication to quality, safety, production, and integrity means we deliver masterful solutions for all your marine engineering and heavy marine construction needs. From conceptual designs and heavy marine construction plans, roadway and rail design to environmental impact analysis and mitigation, Schneider Engineering & Consulting offers cutting-edge, customized services for outstanding results.

Second to none in the marine engineering field, our team of experts ensure that we perform tasks correctly the first time to ensure quality marine structures completed on time. In addition, we adhere to the highest safety standards, act efficiently and effectively, and honor our commitments. Therefore, when you work with us, you get exceptional work that is cost-effective and completed in a timely manner.

Some of our recently completed projects include Plains Eagle Ford Terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Cozumel Cruise Pier in Cozumel, Mexico, Houston Fuel Oil Terminal SDK#5 and Targa Resources’ Ship Dock 4 in Houston, Texas. Schneider Engineering & Consulting’s considerable and noteworthy experience and masterful services make us the only choice for your heavy marine construction engineering and consulting needs. We add value to your projects through our core values and commitment to providing efficient, buildable marine structures and infrastructure that are easy to operate and maintain.